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I had tried a few others but had problems with them crashing, crashing my Mac, stuttering or pixelating, slow access, etc…never with Rivet! PS3 Media while free, is the most hideous, resource sucking, stone age java application out there. Rivet is pretty good too and it has support for iOS. Or did you review it for that free license? Or you could use PS3 media server for free.

MediaLink for PS3 (Mac PS3 media sharing) coming this week!

Playback does support. Great free advert. Medialink has been doing this for years. Ps3mediasever is brilliant. I use it on both my pc and my mac.

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Thanks for the review. Typically, devices either act as a server, meaning that they can stream media to any DLNA certified device, or as a client, in which case they can auto-detect UPnP-servers on the network to browse and stream media from them. For our purposes, the Mac will act as server and the PS3 as client. See also: DLNA certified: For videos or any other media stored outside of iLife you have the option to designate any Mac folder or folders as being accessible on the PS3 via MediaLink.

Tutorial: Using PS3 as a media center with OSX and MediaLink | Mads Mobæk's blog

In our testing over several months, DivX and almost all Xvid videos streamed flawlessly over an The only real fault we could find with MediaLink is that on occasions the software, which runs in the background via a dedicated system preference and menu bar item, needed to be restarted. A little bit annoying if your Mac is in a room far away from your PS3!

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One other caveat when using either MediaLink or EyeConnect: As do most podcasts subscribed to through iTunes. Leave your own tips in the comments.

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See his full profile and disclosure of his industry affiliations. Here are the differences that I have seen so far. Medialink and EyeConnect play the same media. Both cannot do transcoding for MKV files. Now Medialink can share your Aperature library.

PlayStation 3 streaming using Nullriver's MediaLink

Medialink is a tad slow when you browse your media. I have about 30 gigs of music and it takes a bit to have everything show up. EyeConnect is about 10x quicker. uses cookies.

Also EyeConnect will not show media on your PS3 that it cannot read. So that may eliminate some frustration out of playing files. I disagree with your comment that Medialink needs to be restarted occasionally. I have yet to run into that issue.

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  • You may want to update your version. If you need help setting up Medialink or EyeConnect, I have tutorials for both http: Does this solution play movies and shows purchased from the iTunes store? Keep in mind that there is solutions on removing the DRM on anything purchased from iTunes, but I am not going to tell you how.

    Did you miss one of the Mac server software options…TwonkyMedia http: Now the program uses all available cpu and memory and it will only play approximately two songs before crashing.

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    • Thanks for the post. Just got a PS3 yesterday and read your post an hour ago. I bought MediaLink immediately and got it working within 10 minutes. I give it two thumbs up for being easy to use and extremely effective in turning your PS3 into full blown home media entertainment unit.

      Just awesome. I love this idea. You may want to dump on Medialink and look at using PS3mediaserver.