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Try this before any major file changes or modifications; if you are suddenly having this password message appearing. We have this same issue apparently moving from one system to another at only one client. But that is just about the most intrusive and getting very old. I had a similar problem a couple of days ago. I read all the articles I could find about this problem, tried all sorts of fixes and nothing.

After sitting down with an Exchange engineer we started ruling out what was not working and eventually restarted the IIS service to address authentication issues on the Exchange Server and this resolved the problem. Reverting back to version So there is a bug in the latest updates for Office.

For me it was Office So follow the post from Casey Davis below. Outlook will continuously prompt for a password. As soon as you enter the password the box pops back up, usually with a password auto-filled and obscured, but clearly more characters than the correct password.

Outlook on a Mac Keeps asking for password for an IMAP account - Microsoft Community

I tried both clearing any outlook credentials in Credential Manager, and manually entering the correct credentials in Credential Manager. I also made sure Office was up to date, tried rolling back a couple versions… nada. I scoured the internet trying every little fix I could find… nothing. Here is a related article. We have had this happen both at an organization level happens to everyone all at once and on random local machines just a few people at a time. If it happens to the whole organization, I perform the steps outlined in this KB to the Exchange Server: This issue has been dogging us for a week now with no end in sight.

It is spreading as a new user is reporting this problem everyday. Strangely, in our case, it is happening to Windows 7 users only so far with all variations of Outlook. The problem went away! We have on-premise Exchange Sometimes, the fix would work and Outlook would connect to the Exchange server only to dash my hopes as soon as I relaunch Outlook, log off or reboot the computer. Just wanted to say super-nice article.

It really helped us a lot to understand the problem and get really pissed-off big time at Microsoft. Finally we opted to use the Sean Varley solution. Hope this is going to get fixed out soon. I am facing this issue for the last few days tried with troubleshooting stes as mentined in above but nothing works for me. Did any one found the solution please post me. Thanks so much for this thread. This has been an issue on and off literally for years. My own personal setup of Outlook has accounts from Outlook.

The others are always doing this. I wanted to post because mine was a similar problem with Outlook and This is my setup: I read and searched all over the place to try and find a solution with no luck. One day, I decided to remove the Carbonite software from one of the computers and Outlook is no longer asking for the password. Since the experiment worked on the first computer, I decided to remove Carbonite from the second computer and no more Outlook password issues.

I have been testing this two computers for over three months now and so far no password issues from Outlook or BOX Cloud In other words, maybe another program that is working in the background is affecting your Outlook. I hope this helps. Basically, a few weeks ago I installed Office and began using Outlook After some messing around and the usual muttering about bloody Microsoft, I remembered that something unusual had happened when I first set it up. My incoming server is different to the outgoing one and yet Outlook started working perfectly without my having to specify the outgoing server username and password.

So, I went into account setup and changed the outgoing server details. When outlook is working properly it never asks for a password.

I am a software developer though, so I know how to use a computer pretty well. I figure if it works fine after a reboot, there has be some sequence of commands I can run that will mimic whatever is being reset when I reboot. Can anyone give me some ideas to try, given that it works fine after a reboot?

I think a lot of the suggestions are here are for scenarios where it still fails even after a reboot. Had this happen enough times to cause an ulcer or two. I ran into this problem when switching some computers over to Windows 10 Pro last year. However I have also run across the problem with Windows 7 Pro. The issue appears to be with at least Office , , and I wish I had documented where I eventually ran across the solution so the person responsible could get the credit deserves. Create a file in notepad our your favorite editor and save it as text with a.

As and administrator, right-mouse-click on the file and allow it to be merged into the registry. Reboot the computer. Open Outlook and enter the password, ensure the box is checked to retain the password and accept. Good post, but my question is: Wait for a while Have you tried removing and re-adding the account on the phone? This happens each time I change my Windows password.

To fix it, I browse to portal. I enter my password into the Outlook pop up and the problem goes away… well, until the next time I change my password. No idea why! We have the same issue. We have to credentials from cred man and then reboot laptop to get connected. Previously I have tried: I believe with this i should be able to get rid of this issue.

After hours of following complicated wild goose chases from the web, I stumbled on this solution which worked for me:.

Outlook Office , the same solution holds: I had this problem and have tripped over the actual solution to it. If you have an extension installed into Outlook that needs access to your MS account, for example the interface into OneNote, this prompt may actually be asking you for your MS Account credentials so that the extension can function — NOT your exchange credentials. This worked for me.

Outlook can't connect to Gmail - keeps asking for password

What an interesting possibility! I had never thought of that. Good sleuthing!

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The permissions for our user to connect to the additional mailbox was setup in EMC, if we remove these permissions and add the shared mailbox in Outlook Account Settings — Account Settings — New it works ok. I guess this has been caused by an Office Update as nothing else has changed on-site , this has also been implied elsewhere as some have fixed it by rolling back to an earlier build of Office.

Thank you Sean Varley for the suggestion to roll back to a previous build of Office. To Andy Blencowe, my client also had several past employee mailboxes opening in Outlook along with her own. It would ask for her mailbox password 4x then pick one of the other mailboxes at random and ask for its password 4x. Woot woot!!!! I have one user for whom this has been an ongoing issue, but only when accessing her mailbox from off-prem.

Exchange , Office Outlook On the LAN, no issues. From anywhere else not sure if it happens when on VPN… shall check. Yes, still having this problem and only from off-premises. Trying update 11 to Exchange now. Will see what happens…. One of my colleagues just solved this for an Office mailbox by turning off modern authentication on the local workstation. Which makes no sense, because I had solved it for the same user a year previously by turning on modern authentication globally.

Outlook cannot connect to Gmail, keeps asking for password

It still retrieves the mail, but the password dialog box is a bit annoying. I followed the IMAP procedures written out at http: This can happen for any number of reasons. I have a couple of questions to see if the issue can be narrowed down a little further: Which version of Outlook are you using?

Is Outlook up-to-date on patching? Do you get any error if you try to cancel out of it? Does the problem persist after rebooting the computer? This is Outlook running on Windows 7 pro and another instance of Outlook running on Server R2.

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Both do the same thing. I can cancel or re-enter the password and it carries on just fine and downloads the mail headers either way. Thanks for providing that info. In order to make sure the credentials are saved correctly, I would recommend closing Outlook, opening the computer's control panel, going to "Mail 32 bit " or "Mail Microsoft Outtlook" and "Email Accounts". Double-click on the IMAP account and re-enter the password, make sure it's checked to "remember password" and hit "Next".

It should re-save it in the system and should hopefully stop the reoccurring password prompts. Just keeps prompting me over and over for password. Very frustrating. I forgot about the app specific passwords, but I got that set up now, it still continues to prompt for my password over and over again. Upon finding it, It tells me I cannot do this, as I have 2 factor authentication enabled, and I should just create an app password.

Am in the same situation here, at first outlook worked fine, but the very next day it kept asking for my password and user name, nothing worked after that, not the two step verification, not my normal password, nothing. Did you find a solution? Your email address will not be published. Pass the test: Outlook cannot connect to Gmail, keeps asking for password. Download this VPN to secure all your Windows devices and browse anonymously.

November 10, at 9: November 13, at January 23, at 8: I do not see a sections for Apps Password. All I see is 2-Step Verification which is Off. January 23, at 9: Selecting Allow less secure apps to ON, then repair in Outlook worked. Tom Taroni. January 25, at January 25, at 2: February 8, at 6: February 16, at 2: February 26, at March 26, at Nauman Ali.

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